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However, in these two posts, I will focus mostly on highlighting the great orchestration. The opening flute creates an wonderful imagery of heavenly mountains. His orchestration was so far ahead of his time that the film industry was totally unprepared to support such high standards of music with visual effects and cinematography. He set a trend with the brilliant use of guitars, flute, violins and overall arrangements.

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The song Sindhura Puvve by S Janaki was a chartbuster. When listening to the songs in the player, if you want to browse further on this site or another one, open a new window for further browsing. It should be very easy for both Tamil and Telugu readers to relate to these songs, regardless of the language. In most of his songs, thota ramudu telugu mp3 songs there is a wonderful combination of creative innovation and inspired orchestration.

Taralu Digi Vachhina Vela. Nelaina ningaina neevente nenunta. Evergreen Indian film music.

Evergreen Indian film music

This is a distinctive feature of his songs. This romantic duet set in a moonlight setting, is set to vocals and arrangements that flow in gentle waves. It does not matter if you do not know the language, just follow the contours and shape of the song and feel the effects of the orchestration. His creative use of chorus is another feature of his arrangements. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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Without knowing anything about the movie or the context, you can feel that this song is about water and waves. Ekkado Durana Kurchunnavu. Venkatesh Ghantasala IlayaRaja J. Naada Vinodamu Natya Vilasamu. One thing I would like to say.

Repalle Malli Murali Vinnadi. Tolisari Palikenu Hrudayam. The song has folk, western arrangements and rhythm along with Indian touches. The entire orchestration is coordinated to create an imagery of mountains, mist and snow. Again a demonstration of how vocals and arrangements have an equal role and complement each other.

The internet has changed the radio of the olden days into an internet radio or music player on the web. He used concepts of the carnatic classical base and created a wonderful fusion with western orchestration.

Lyricist Arudra Athreya C. Ilayaraja made a grand entry as a Music director with the film Annakili. This film featured melodius compositions based on folk songs that had orchestration and vocals that were trendsetting. The images are the copyright of their original owners.

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Cinema Studios Vijaya Studios. Notice that both the vocals and the arrangements play an equal role without being dominated by the other.

Ilayaraja has countless fans in South India and all over the world, so this post may not be a surprise for them. Images on this blog are posted for the sole purpose of academic interest and to illuminate the text.

Meriseti puvva Song Lyrics

Nirosha hot sindura puvva

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You can also find the link at the top of this page. Shankaraa Naadashareeraparaa. Vayasu Sogasu Kalisinavela. Rajeswara Rao Balakrishna - K.

Pellantune Vedekkinde Gaali. Regardless of the situation or context, he would often blend the two styles seamlessly to create the desired effect. Some focus more on poetry, lyrics and the emotions conveyed by the lyrics.

There are various ways of enjoying film music. Rekkalu Vache Repa Repa Ladi. Most of songs of Ilaiyaraaja are not common in Tamil and Telugu. It appeared that Ilayaraja used chorals in places where one would normally use an instrument. On the other hand, if you are a fan of film music in other Indian languages, I would strongly urge you to listen to the songs here and experience the orchestration for yourself.

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Though I have not heard many of his Malayalam compositions, I was told that some of his experiments started in Malayalam and were then used in other languages. This use of chorus mostly created an haunting effect. Obviously a song meant for dancing! His vocals are therefore free flowing without any restrictions of predetermined lyrics and rhythm. Muthyamalle Merisipoye Mallemogga.

This gem with the lovely alaap has a beautiful rhythm. Saayam Sandhya Velayyindi. If you just want to enjoy music, you can go about your normal work, with the radio playing your favorite songs in the background. Evergreen Indian film music claims no credit for any image posted on this site.