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For me, Most smelly smells on the body, farts i love a lot, or the smell of my own female area, or the smell of ass, but what my favorite is, is the smell of male parts, especially before washing. When these metal particles fall to the ground, they can be detected by sensitive people. One summer day after she left for her part time job I was in her room putting on her wet bra and smelling the arm pits of her shirt she had on that mourning. There is nothing I enjoy more than smelling a woman's butt that is not fresh. And it wouldn't smell bad at all - just a mixture of her own wonderful natural scent and a bit of sweet and earth mixed in.

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Smell, smelled and smelt

For me its the smellier the better. When we make love I like to smell her unshaven pits. Once I asked her to fart while my mouth made a tight seal on her rear hole. You can read my detailed account of my first encounter with chemtrails in my chemtrail story.

You may find that a pillow touching your neck prevents you from getting to sleep. It is overpriced but works. Also, when a sock is really ripe and sweaty, and a bit crusty It's got an excellent sour, cheesy odor It makes me rock hard in like, a second. The hotter it gets the worse it gets.

They obviously want to spray with the highest intensity they can while being detected by as few people as possible. If a female doesn't have the perfect mixture of urine to sweat scent on her vag, the relationship would never last. Many other products may contain this cinnabar-red mercury-based coloring, such as lipstick and tattoo inks. Sensitivities to emotions that can result in depression, moodiness, irritability, rage, and sudden outbursts. She was very sweaty and her armpit odour filled up my entire flat.

In the last month there is a new smell that smells like oil based paint or urethane. The sulfur seems to be very corrosive effecting everything metal. The sweaty phermones have a nice musk to them, but for some reason I'm even more turned on if she's pooped. Can anyone else relate with this? This is turn started making me incredibly aroused and I enjoyed her fishy smegma covered fanny.

Dolce and Gabannas Light Blue, and Given by very irresistible. And yes, the spraying is by far worse than ever! We saw sprayers going overhead but nothing lingering that was visible. It's utter pleasure especially when they are dripping I'm sweat from a hot day or from exercise. As for White Vinegar, I would recommend pouring some into a spray bottle, preferably one thats easy to use for this.

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Once my gf wore her boots on a warm evening and her feet smelled when she took the boots off after we got home. Her butt smelled so good, sort of like cheese and a very faint smell of poop. Our air has smelled like burnt rubber almost constantly for the last couple of months, with a rare exceptional day here and there, tinder dating apps usually with high winds blowing it away. We have also smelled lately from time to time the metal or rust smell that you have described. Since the summer of we have smelled sulfur in various ways.

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Thousands Smell and Taste Chemtrails

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For men!! What does a good smelling vagina smell like?!?

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