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Sucking me till i wake up

Lots of super helpful

He's wanting to have longer awake times now and also seems to want a longer morning nap. Hello, I've been following a flexible easy routine for around a month whixh has been going ok.

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If she's hungry half way through then I feed her and she takes so long to eat usually about min that by the time I try to put her down again she's already overtired. When you baby is older and doesn't wake super hungry, you might want to consider waiting a few minutes after naps before feeding him so he doesn't get used to eating the second he wakes.

He is also exclusively breastfed. You'll just have to take into account how long it takes for her to eat and make sure to start the feed before then. You have so many great tips. Use a swing or carrier if needed.

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And like I said, he hates being swaddled most of the time. You can just gently and slowly extend them out a few minutes at a time each day.

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But I'm afraid that will start a pattern for her taking short naps as she gets older. Take a look at the short nap and extending nap posts for more info. Shira, If she's eating then falling right back asleep likely while eating when that isn't really any waketime but a night feed. She also sleeps for a good there hours during the day and only an hour between feedings at night, sometimes she just cries the whole time between feedings until she falls asleep eating. Lots of super helpful information.

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Don't expect much awake time during the day besides a feeding and diaper change. At this point you will fit in the feeds in whatever way makes the most sense still avoiding feeding to sleep. She yawns during feeding and a few minutes after she's done she starts screaming because she's tired, no other tired cues, it's straight to crying.