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Status Not open for further replies. The White Rabbit Vibrator. Some hair creators place their creations in their appropriate color bins. You might wind up with a Florida lawyer on your tail! They also add light and dark color-spectrum options, in which the slider, rather than lightening or darkening the Sim's skin, runs through a range of colors.

These have nice, hard looking nipples. Face only skin texture in the Skin Details category! Also these are only white skin tones.

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Some skin tones are hidden, and can be accessed by placing Create a Sim in Debug Mode. These outfits are not added to the household's wardrobe.

Custom body types are possible, and they can have their own three-letter identifiers. The next two letters identify gender and age, respectively. Some third-party utilities let players change a Sim's appearance.

Not only is there far more detail, but the top half of a Sim's Everyday outfit can now be separate from the bottom half, manager 2010 though Sims can still wear one-piece Everyday outfits. We use cookies on The Sims Resource.

Once a color is selected, the player can use a slider to lighten or darken the skin. If you don't want detailed help and want to seek out the good stuff on your own here are some links, otherwise read on in orange below. Various Navetsea skins for Warlokk's other bodytype meshes. And right now all the Maxis made characters in the game are of course doomed to Ken-ville.

Lesbian Sims Infamous Emails. This is followed by an underscore and the actual name of the skin. So where is the best site to get realistic default skins for the game, as well as a no-censor patch?

Sims can change their appearance through a mirror. Maxis always used numbers, but creators could, and often did, use letters. Willie Wanker's Masturbation Chair. Closing this message means you accept everything. Here's how to use these skins once you get in the game.

But let's start with the girls. Click below and download all the files Meshes and skintones. Teen Woohoo Mods And there are plenty more to be found at the various Sims adult forums I've linked to throughout. This article primarily deals with how skins work in the various games rather than how they are used in gameplay.

Sims 2 Skin Tones

If you have your age in your profile entered correctly, you should see the adult sections at the bottom of this page. Warlokk created all the different size meshes adult and teen over a period of years and has them all packaged in one place. The first letter identifies the type of skin. The mesh works with a variety of skins. The game would then pick up the file from your Skins folder and use that instead of the one that came with the game.

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While separate tops and bottoms can only be created as Everyday, whole outfits can placed in multiple categories. Pet skins use a somewhat different naming system. Please click here to indicate which games you have on your profile. Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts Billboard Trophies.

Mousemonkey Titan Moderator. Sometimes, two meshes are the same, but have different filenames. New posts New profile posts Latest activity. This allows for a wide array of breast sizes, baby got back butts, nice wide hips, etc.

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